Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a practice of long held supported stretching. In Yin, practitioners come into supported active and passive postures and allow the body to slowly release over several minutes. Yin Yoga is about creating opening and gentle stress to the bones, tendons, joints, fascia and deep connective tissues of the body. It takes time to make long term tissue changes in the body, and this is what Yin is all about. This practice can have deep and profound effects on the body. It is a great balance to more Yang styles of yoga (Power, Hot, etc) which are working more of the muscles and ligaments of the body. Come stretch, breathe, relax and release your body.  All levels and all body types welcome!!

Therapeutic Prenatal Yoga

Therapeutic prenatal yoga is all about helping empower, educate, and celebrate women and their magnificent bodies throughout their pregnancies. There are many physical, hormonal and, even neurological changes that occur in women's bodies throughout their pregnancies. Providing expecting mothers with a deeper understanding of the physiological and anatomical changes that are occurring, can help them be happy and healthy, as well as help prepare them for their labor delivery and beyond.  Through movement, breath work, hands on assists, awareness exercises, and education, women learn ways to support their changing bodies. Women of all stages of pregnancy are welcomed. 


Yin Yoga $15- 75min Class

Yoga for the Stiff People Drop-in $20 -90min Class

5 week Therapeutic Prenatal Series $120- 75min Class

Yin Yoga

Days and Times: TBA

Yoga for the Stiff People: A special 90min class for the people who feel they need more stretching, but do not feel they are flexible. With a focus on body alignment, opening the joints, creating better availability of movement and therefore more strength in whatever activities you are into. Reserve your spot today as space is limited!!

Therapeutic Prenatal Yoga

Next 5 week Series: TBA 

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