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Minda is a graduate of the 3000 hour West Coast College of Massage Therapy diploma Minda began her practice in 2009. Since graduating, Minda has taken additional training in: Myofascial release,  Visceral manipulation, Craino-sacral techniques, Scar Tissue release, Osteopathic techniques, and over 500hr in Yoga Teacher Training. She is very passionate about her work and helping empower people in their journey of good health. 

Her intention is to help her patients achieve a better understanding and awareness of how their bodies work, as well as the source of their pain and discomforts. Her active lifestyle has given her first-hand experience with sports related injuries and a better understanding of many ailments and discomforts. She is very passionate about the human body and it's natural capacities to heal and evolve. Minda works hard with her clients to help them achieve their goals for improving their health. 

She engages in her treatments with a whole body intention. With an understanding of the deeper connections within the anatomy, she works to help increase mobility and decrease pain through working within the many layers of the body. She also loves working with women pre and post-natal to help their bodies better cope with the strain of pregnancy, labor/delivery and recovery. She also has lots of experience in post surgical scar tissue release. (i.e. C-sections, joint repair and/or replacement, abdominal surgeries, and breast augmentation related to breast cancer or post reduction)

Minda is a big advocate for an active and healthy lifestyle, yoga, mediation, and believes that self awareness is the first step to self healing. She is constantly taking massage, yoga and healing courses to help expand her knowledge base. She loves being in nature, and finds getting out and active in it, be restorative and healing

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